About The Team

Pick-up games

We practice every Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm in Eagle Park, Mountain View, CA. Anyone is welcome to join our pick-up games. Come out and play or watch!

Mission statement

We are a team of quidditch players who primarily gather for the enjoyment of the game, with a secondary social component for the enjoyment of each others’ company.

We are official competitors within the IQA and an official IQA team, dedicated to playing to the best of our abilities and preparation while drawing upon our diversity of skills and experience. We encourage anyone to play. We develop team policies and field strategies that foster team collaboration and cohesion. Every single player is a part of the grander team strategy on the field.

Our philosophy on a fair play experience is one where every player is able to meet the following objectives:

  • meaningful contribution to gameplay
  • adequate time on the field
  • satisfaction in play position
  • field strategies that combine strengths for success

Our team

Season One Leadership:

Co-Captain and Founder: Sam Fischgrund (stepped down mid-season)
President and Co-Captain: Robert Davis Jr.

Brought on mid-season:
Co-Captain: Sumit Pathak
Vice President: Dalia Nahol
Treasurers: Janos Barbero and Matthew Vicksell
Secretaries: Maggie Bastidas and Anna Tombacz
Equipment Manager: Chewy Shaw

Our regular roster consists of:

  • Logan Anbinder
  • Janos Barbero
  • Margaret Bastidas
  • Giovanni Berber
  • Michael Bogart
  • Robert Davis
  • Nicholas Holsey
  • Sabrina Lee Howes
  • Igor Istochnick
  • Maryna Kapurova
  • James Konijn
  • Neeraj Kumar
  • Caroline Schermer Lebar
  • Abdulrahman Mardini
  • Dalia Nahol
  • Sumit Kumar Pathak
  • Łukasz Piątkowski
  • Łukasz Solak
  • Ginny Tice
  • Anna Tombácz
  • Yayoi Ukai
  • Matthew Vicksell

We are excited to announce our two latest recruits!

  • Mathangi Venkatesan
  • Conal Sathi


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